Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning & Dyeing

Your leather, suede and fur clothes of high quality require special care. VERDE cleaning salon is specialized in leather, suede and fur clothes and accessories care. Our specialized approach helps us to clean your high quality clothes without harming them.

We do cleaning of leather, suede and fur coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, trousers, gloves etc.

Leather and suede items cleaning requires special approach. Hence we advise not to clean them on your own.

Your leather clothes, shoes and other items can serve you longer. But often there is need to freshen up the leather color. You may also decide to change the color of shoes, a bag or a jacket. VERDE cleaning salon does dyeing of leather clothes and accessories.

Our color palette includes more than 1000 hues, including specials with metallic luster, as well as silver and white colors. We also do dyeing with phosphorous colors. We can either completely change the leather color or the color tone.


Select services (only pressing, only laundry) – 70% of the price.

White linen and underwear laundry without stain removal – 1 kg 1500AMD. 


The standard standard price order preparation lasts 10-30 days


VERDE cleaning salon offers delivery.

One way delivery AMD 500
Two way delivery AMD 1000

Free delivery for order of AMD 5000 and more in the centerÖ‰