Individual services

Your clothes need special care to keep the quality and surve you long.

Leave the cleaning of your clothes to VERDE cleaning salon. We guarantee high quality cleaning services and stainless result that will please you.

High quality cleaning and care for clothes require professional approach and innovative technologies. For VERDE cleaning salon the technologies paired with the team’s commitment to guarantee perfect results is important.

While handing you the clothes we will pack them the way you prefer – folded or hanged on a high quality hanger.

Dry cleaning is one of the technologies we use at VERDE cleaning salon. Why is it called dry? For the good reason that the whole process does not require use of water. Instead applying water and soap for dry we use special chemical solution called Perchloroethylene. This solution is applied while cleaning delicate fabrics that are not suitable for washing machines and dryers.

Dry cleaning removes stains like oil, fat, petrol, wax while preserving the originalquality of the clothes.

VERDE cleaning salon dry cleans using machines of Firbimatic Italian company.

Wet cleaing is also one of the technologies implemented at VERDE cleaning salon. Wet cleaning is ecologically safe alternative to dry cleaning which does not require chemicals. Wet cleaning is applied with computer regulated machines, degradable and environmentally friendly soaps and conditioners. Special dryers are used during the final stage of wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning is not just laundry. Wet cleaning is standardly applied for silk, cashmere, woolen clothes with delicate design work. Only water is used during wet cleaning. No toxic chemicals and environmentally hazardouz materials are used.

Main advantages of wet cleaning are the following:

  • No chemical smells and particles
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Softness and tenderness
  • Pleasant for skin
  • Preservation of fabric for a long time
  • Effective removal of soil and stains
  • Softer cleaning materials than at home
  • Brighter colors
  • Snow-white bleach of white clothes
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Wet cleaning - the best way to remove stain wine, tea, and coffee stains.
  • While implementing wet cleaning at VERDE cleaning salon we use machines of German company Miele Machines.

VERDE cleaning salon is the first in Armenia to implement Green Earth cleaning technolgy. Green Earth is one of the most innovative cleaning technologies not only in Armenia but also in a wide range of European countries. Green Earth has a number of advantages. It cleans the clothes gently without harming them. This technology allows to preserve the environment.

Green Earth is a patented process of dry cleaning which uses liquid silicone – clean, odorless, non-toxic solutionmade of natural materials that does not cause skin irritation.

We advise to use Green Earth technology for cleaning leather, silk, suede and fur clothes which require special care. While using this technology the intricate fabric design, decorative stones and buttons will not be damaged. Moreover, your clothes will become softer and pleasant to skin.

Your favorite clothe may become unusable only because of an irremovable stain.
VERDE cleaning salon will take care of your clothes and will remove all the unwanted stains without damaging the fabric.

We will remove such unwanted and difficult sports as oil, petrol, wine, fruit and other stain. Only high quality cleaning materials are used for stain removing.

Tip: If there is a stain on your cloth that is hard to remove we advise not trying to remove it on your own. Itstainbecome unremovable. Just refer the task to us. We will take care of your clothes.

Starching makes the clothes flawless and delicate. Starched clothes will serve you longer.

In general starching makes the clothes more resistant. It can make fancy delicate décor of your clothes have fresh look and stand out. Besides, starching makes ironing easy. Starching is most often applied for shirts, wedding dresses, table clothes and white clothing.

Starching in VERDE cleaning salon is applied with high quality special materials of Seitz German company.

Pressing is another service provided by VERDE cleaning salon. The pressing machines utilized at our salon provide perfect result even in case of most delicate clothes with very special fancywork.

The pressing machines of PONY Italian company allow the specialists to iron even the most difficult folds and hand you the clothes in perfect shape.

At VERDE cleaning salon we can make your clothing waterproof. Water proofing helps to protect the clothes from water and snow. Asa result of water proofing the clothes also become more stain resistant.

For water proofing VERDE cleaning salon uses materials from Seitz German company.

If your curtains need to be cleaned, don’t worry and call us. VERDE cleaning salon personnel will visit you, take off your curtains and take them to VERDE salon. After cleaning them we will carefully press them and then pack and deliver to you. If you prefer, our employees can hang the curtains too. You just need to call us.

We recommend to use Green Earth technology for delicate and specific curtain fabric. As a result curtains are refershed and unharmed.

Your carpets cleaning can also be tasked to VERDE cleaning salon. We will clean the carpet carefully and deliver back to you.

For carpet cleaning we use special means of Seitz German company provided for carpets cleaning.

If the carpet is very old and of value, our specialists will clean it implementing the Green Earth technology. As a result the carpet will preserve its colors and quality.

Wedding dress is part of the most important occasion in your life. The wedding dress requires special care before the event.

VERDE cleaning salon will take care of the perfect look of your wedding dress which will adorn your memorable day.

We clean carefully not only wedding dresses but also any evening gowns. We use special materials which are gentle to fabrics and preserve the intricate design.

Your leather, suede and fur clothes of high quality require special care. VERDE cleaning salon is specialized in leather, suede and fur clothes and accessories care. Our specialized approach helps us to clean your high quality clothes without harming them.

We do cleaning of leather, suede and fur coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, trousers, gloves etc.

Leather and suede items cleaning requires special approach. Hence we advise not to clean them on your own.

Your leather clothes, shoes and other items can serve you longer. But often there is need to freshen up the leather color. You may also decide to change the color of shoes, a bag or a jacket. VERDE cleaning salon does dyeing of leather clothes and accessories.

Our color palette includes more than 1000 hues, including specials with metallic luster, as well as silver and white colors. We also do dyeing with phosphorous colors. We can either completely change the leather color or the color tone.


Select services (only pressing, only laundry) – 70% of the price.

White linen and underwear laundry without stain removal – 1 kg 1500 AMD. 


The standard standard price order preparation lasts 3-4 days

Same-day delivery or next day 2x standard price.

Express service 5 hours, delivery not included – 2.5x standard price.


VERDE cleaning salon offers delivery.

One way delivery AMD 500
Two way delivery AMD 1000

Free delivery for order of AMD 5000 and more in the center․