Green Earth First in Armenia

VERDE cleaning salon is the first in Armenia to implement Green Earth cleaning technolgy. Green Earth is one of the most innovative cleaning technologies not only in Armenia but also in a wide range of European countries. Green Earth has a number of advantages. It cleans the clothes gently without harming them. This technology allows to preserve the environment.

Green Earth is a patented process of dry cleaning which uses liquid silicone – clean, odorless, non-toxic solutionmade of natural materials that does not cause skin irritation.

We advise to use Green Earth technology for cleaning leather, silk, suede and fur clothes which require special care. While using this technology the intricate fabric design, decorative stones and buttons will not be damaged. Moreover, your clothes will become softer and pleasant to skin.  


Select services (only pressing, only laundry) – 70% of the price.

White linen and underwear laundry without stain removal – 1 kg 1500AMD. 


The standard standard price order preparation lasts 3-4 days

Same-day or next day 2x standard price.

Express service 5 hours, delivery not included – 2.5x standard price.


VERDE cleaning salon offers delivery.

One way delivery AMD 500
Two way delivery AMD 1000

Free delivery for order of AMD 5000 and more in the center․